Poems • Quirky



Words rolling round in my head
Maybe I should give voice to them instead
Letting others privy to my thoughts
Writing these words is what I ought
Showing others the real me
Knowing that I am all I can be
Proud and happy that I am who I am
So very glad that God made me a Mam
Thoughts of my sons and who they are
Knowing that they have come so far
Grown men now but still my boys
I think back to when they played with toys
Life for me knowing them as their Mother
I would not have chosen any other
They are my pride and joy
Now as men but to me my boy
Love your children and show them to
They’ll be happy for a smile, a kiss or a hug from you
I hope your children show you that they care
Let them know you’ll always be there
When I’m old and sat at home
They’ll not forget their Mam to phone
Life gives back what you put in it
I’ll sit and look forward to their visit
The words are still rolling round in my head
They’ll carry on as dreams when I’m in my bed
Good night, sweet dreams and God bless
I wouldn’t wish you any less