Poems • Quirky



For some sex is a ‘tool’
Getting your own way from some other fool
Giving a reward for receiving some gain
Like a pet at home that you have to train
For others it is only a game
How many can you lay? Feel sorry those with lame brains
Using and abusing like a one-night stand
Never to be offered a wedding band
There are people out there
Using sex because they don’t care
Neither for themselves or any other
Spreading trouble around without any bother
Sad to say the world accepts
All kinds of abuse in the name of sex
If I were in charge of the world as a whole
I’d spread the word that we all play a role
Sex is a wonderful gift
Showing you love someone, giving each other a lift
Sharing emotions and spreading joy
Coming together as equals without some wicked ploy
Whatever the reason whoever you are
Play your part with your equal and never mar
Love and sex can go hand in hand
Respect is worth more than a one-night stand