Poems • Quirky


I Want

When you spend your life
Struggling as parent and wife
There comes a time when you want to be first
The wants inside so like a thirst

I want time for me, and all I can be
I want others to see me flying free
I want to shake off emotional chains, so that I can feel
I want a life for me, one that is real

Am I the only one to think like this?
We all have something in mind we think amiss
Try to be honest with your needs
Confide like me and we may succeed

I want to be more than I am
If some don’t like that I won’t give a damn
How selfish I’ve heard it said, why are you so keen?
I want more; do you know what I mean?

I won’t let myself feel guilty
Nor do I want any ones pity
How many times have we been told?
You have one life make the most whiles it’s yours to hold

Oh if only life was as simple as that
I’ll carry on feeling like the proverbial mat
Take me, let me, and give me, the usual cry
I want to be me and free of all that, just once before I die