Poems • Humour


Getting Old

Am I just a silly girl?
Mind a wander life a whirl!
What am I meant to do or say
When I’m feeling old and grey
Pass the colour and do my hair?
How can life be so unfair!

Joints may creak and groan
What will it do me just to moan
Get up and move about
Even in pain you will hear me shout
Get on with it girl do it yourself
Prove you can do it without any help!

Will I be graceful and full of flair
Or will I get so that I don’t care
Of course I’ll prove myself I always have
Even if I’m forever on the lav!!
The price of getting old
Or so all those older are often told

I’m told I have the gift of the gab
Sounds to me at times little more than blab
A sense of humour is a must
When you have my size of bust!
Learning to laugh at your own mistakes
Is more than a gift and all it takes

Allow age to take its time
Peace and contentment hopefully will be mine
Time will tell if I’m able
My words clear and not just babble
Getting old? -Treat me with respect
Old age is something we can’t reject!!!